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Men usually do not require a lot of accessories like women, as typical male fashion is simple and very minimalist, with more thought given to comfort given and basic practicality. Men's fashion, however, are still set by trends every year from popular fashion brands to influential celebrities that start up trends and fashion statements. Although the world of fashion has been constantly evolving in the last few centuries, for men's fashion, belts have always been considered a staple accessory, and have been used for different purposes over the centuries.


Belts have been around for centuries, with many early countries using it for specific purposes from being a part of military uniforms to support sabers, a utility belt for workers to hold tools, a piece of weapon, a strap to keep trousers tight, to being used as a cultural accessory and decorative fashion accessories. Today, however, belts are more commonly associated with fashion, as many famous designers incorporate the accessory in many garment designs to add an aesthetic touch to an otherwise plain outfit. To learn more about belts, you can visit


Usually, belts are fashioned from different types of leathers such as sheepskin, pigskin, and cowhide, which are preferred by many because of its supple and durable quality, although a lot of belts are also created from artificial leather using plastic, and there are also belts made using various fabrics, both of which are generally cheaper unlike expensive leather. A lot of designers also prefer to decorate the buckles more than the straps, as buckles are noticed easily and accentuate any outfit stylishly. Although most men prefer simple designs that can go with any outfit color for practicality reasons, there are also stylish men that collect different designs to match their wardrobe pieces. Take a look Beyond The Tank here!


It is also very common for any men to choose between black or brown only, as it is also noticeable in many accessory shops where men's belts usually go by black or brown colors only, as this is the easiest color that can be paired to the typical men's outfits. The rule that most men easily follow is to always match the color of the belt with the color of the shoes, except if the shoes are white, which is recommended to be worn better with black colored belts. The material must also go with that of the shoes, such as using belts made of leather with shoes made of leather as well, or belts made of suede worn with shoes made of suede too.  The design must be complementing with the shorts or trousers as well, as belts made for formal wear will look bad on rugged outfits, and vice versa.


Belts are indispensable accessories for any man, either at work or for leisure, it can accentuate any plain outfit and complement an entire look as long as its chosen properly, with attention to quality and usability. To find out more belts, view website